The Living Library

The Brief. 

Heighten the reading experience for 18 to 30 year-olds. Develop a product or service that enhances the relationship with reading, and promotes the benefits. 

The Solution. 

The Living Library uses wifi hotspots placed throughout local parks, to allow the reader to connect to the app and read a book or two whilst there. A sustainable way to read, without harming trees or nature. 

The Living Library enhances the reader's experience by combining the calming aspects of nature and reading together. Encouraging people to read and also spend time outdoors.  


My design focuses on being economic and environmentally friendly. So I wanted to reflect this within my visual concept. Looking at natural, organic textures and an earthy colour palette alongside natural imperfect illustrations and fonts. 

Visual Toolkit. 

My branding for the Living Library uses a natural, earthy colour palette with pops of a brighter, more playful, and modern green. Alongside a natural brown paper texture, and rough paint stroke brushes. Enhancing the organic and earthy elements of the branding with natural and imperfect illustrations. 


The Living Library is a virtual library that enhances nature rather than destroys it to make books. The name Living Library reflects this. Allowing the Library to be alive and amongst the living trees and nature. My logo depicts a birdhouse in a tree, each wifi hotspot being a birdhouse in a tree, where you can connect to the internet and download books.


To highlight and explain the process behind the Living Library, signs will be placed around parks near the wifi hotspots. Featuring instructions and a QR code to scan to download the app and gain access to a whole library of books. 



The Living Library App allows you to scan the QR codes at each park, gaining access to a different library each time. The App also features a profile page, to track your reading time as well as a map to find other Living Library parks to encourage more reading. 


I decided to design a piece of packaging for the brand as a final touchpoint. The boxes will contain the birdhouse wifi hotspots, to be sent to local parks or schools for them to use.